Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review of 2011

Well as its now 2012 I really should look back on 2011 as a whole and the good the bad and the plain old wierd!


Now 2011 was a pretty awesome year for big bands reuniting and touring! It also contained some epic fails!

The XFactor Live Tour 2011 was one of them! infact the biggest epic fail! (My ticket was free thank goodness!)
Now we all know who Wagner is and when he ends being the main star of the live touring show there is problems! Matt Cardle was brilliant vocally but everything seemed like very flat irnbru (looks like it will be ace but lets you down)
Think the XFactor journey should end now, been going to many years, give us a break!
And lets not forget this is the programe that has forced us to have One Dimention (or is it Direction?) In our lives. The Wanted I can just about take but One Direction? urgh no! Poor lads being pawns in music business.

There was so many awesome tours as well in 2011!
Most people would say Take That Progress would tick all the boxes. But as it didn't achieve 5 stars with me it falls short.

The best Tour I think was the Script - the first time they had played arenas in the UK and the show was still just as intimate as when the play to a few thousand in academy's and halls.
And of course their music is just brilliant!

Tours you would of not wanted to miss:
Boyzone - well as I'm a self confessed Boyzone nut of course I would say this but it was the first tour since Steo had passed away and very emotional whether you were a fan or not.
Westlife - Great stage set, the best one in a good 6 or so years, great song choice and a rock medley at long last!
Take That - It was the tour everyone couldn't stop talking about!
JLS - great night out!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Westlife Forever Silicone Wristbands ON SALE WOOOP!

YAY!!!! so the Wristbands are FINALLY on Sale!!!

Now for those of you WITHOUT a Ebay account dont worry! you can still get your hands on one!

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with your name and address and what you would like to Order, I will then send you details on how to pay via cheque or Postal Order.

Please note I do prefer Paypal - as much for my safety with it being a transaction as much as yours but I know not everyone can use it.

Any questions please ask on @Westlifetour on twitter


Saturday, 18 June 2011

Take That - Progress Live - 4/5 stars

TAKE THAT - Progress Live
Manchester Saturday 4th June 2011

Now I'm not the biggest Take That fan by a long show, I was disappointed with their reunion arena tour and was very dubious to go see them again, but as Robbie was back I had to go see this tour!

The warm up act was The Pet Shop Boys and I was very pleasantly surprised at how good they were! They blasted out loads of hit songs and the crowd (an awful lot of straight men!) belted the songs back at them.
The dancers stole the show tho with their costumes and acrobatics on stage.

Take That come on as their now famous 4piece,  they made use of their walkway and bstage alot during this time which for us being near to the main stage and surrounded by people over 6 foot (we are all 5 foot 8 so normally the tallest at concerts) - meant we missed ALOT of the show in general.
There was a Alice in Wonderland theme for Shine and a giant catepillar which was great but was all over way to soon and my personal view didnt make the most of the effort that went into the costumes for that tiny section.
Robbie came on and did his own 5 song solo set, and really got the crowd bouncing! Let me entertain you, rock DJ, Come Undone, Feel, and Angels
Robbie didnt disapoint, full of energy and his old charm.

Off he went and the dancers took over the stage, they were incredible! Until you see what they did on that stage you cant really understand it. complete with ariel displays, absailing, climbing and a waterfall, Take that came out as their 5 piece to The Flood.

A later section of Piano and microphones got the crowd excitied as they teased us all with hints of old songs and a verse/chorus of the most popular original hits such as Babe and A million love songs.

The breath taking MR OM broke down however towards the end, which had us very amused shouting for Mark to Jump for it!

Overall a very good show, some parts disapointingly short but definatly value for money.
4/5 stars

Some of my photos: (all will be available to Purchase in July so watch out for a link!)

Pet shop boys:

Take that:


The Passage by Justin Cronin - 5star review

The Passage by Justin Cronin:

5 STARS! - one of the best books I have ever read!

Its present day and the American government are trying to find a way to cure cancer.
The human experiments goes wrong however and the consequences become catestrophic.
Fast Forward 100 years and see how society has changed, the words, the knowledge all lost.
 The story focus's on first the "harvester" for the human experiments, and then a group of friends 100 years later living in the fallout of the Experiments.
Times have changed but the everyday lives arent that different to what we know now, there is still life, death, love and battles.
One person connects both generations and finally they lead to "the passage"

This has got to be one of the best books that I have ever read!
I cant rate this book highly enough, its been so frustrating not being able to discuss it with anyone, its a proper pick up and not put down till the very end.
The writing is superb, I really felt like I understood the characters from the beginning, the start was a bit like walking into a dark alley with a blindfold on I couldnt see where anything was going to meet,
when the second part to the story began everything fell into place, the new lifestyle of the community and then links to previous people in the start of the story was very clever.

The final few words of the book made me cry. but dont cheat! Dont flick to the back! (it wont help honest!)

The sequal is out next year I belive and I will be first in the Que for it!

Go out and buy this book today cos its definatly a keeper for any bookshelf!


Hip hip horray! Im on Holiday!

well it felt like a good title...

18 days off work! bliss!

Now we are off to Newcastle and Scotland Monday yiipppeeee! Hope I like Montrose bit worried I won't or will be bored!

Anyway ive now got 3 books to Review and nearly 4th and ive still not done any! *slaps wrists* must get a wriggle on!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

I wanna go WIIIIIIII

Well! the last few days have been eventful..ish!

Firstly, wonderland announced signing dates in June - whey hey! Birmingham is 8th June at 1pm so was all excited, was gonna go with Natalie and see Bonnie as its the day before her bday,(not that I'm allowed to mention the B word to her) and NOPE cos we have no sodding staff at work! I mean I wouldn't mind if it was for a half decent reason not cos of sheer incompetence at hiring and keeping staff!
So as its a Weds its busy with condensing specials etc so we need 5 of us in, Which due to a certain idiot face of a assistant manager being off I cant get it off! 
So that's ruined my only chance to meet someone other than Jodi in the band!

Swear if i Don't get the time i want off on 9-11th June I will go insane!

Plus side today I brought a black Wii *jigs about* its all setup now, and the cycling on sports resort nearly killed my arms but its sooooooooo addictive!

Now i was meant to start my book reviews er,...Yesterday! But I've not, so I've now got two to type up! - I am aiming at Monday for those as I'm off, but as I'm going to see Lynda to go and watch/meet Frank Turner in Rise and then get some Dinner out I may get distracted...especially as I've got a new toy ha ha!

Oh well its almost 9pm so my shower and bedtime as got work at 8am tomorrow *Le sigh*

Au Revoiur Mon Cheri

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Welcome to myself and to you!

Welcome, well Ive been inspired by the wonderful Hayley to start (well more like re-attempt) a Blog, now with her being a up and comming Journarlist her literary skills are above and beyond mind, however I can also talk for England (and Scotland) so I may as well give it a good shot! (btw Check out Hayleys Blog HERE)

Attempting to use this as a update for my Family Tree, and also to give book reviews, as I currently have alot of books to read and no one to tell them about!

But I guess as time goes you will see what this is all about, so should I introduce myself? Well be rude not to!

Anyway im Rachel, Live in Cheltenham and am 27, (28 In August so dont forget my card!), Work as a store deputy in a successful supermarket, im Not allowed to say their name on public forums due to a clause in my contract, but lets say its German and not Lidl!
Living at Home (after 4years away up north in Wigan I missed my mum to much to stay anylonger)  Been back 4 years nearly now, and its good!

For now; tata! Ive a book to finish :)