Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Review of 2011

Well as its now 2012 I really should look back on 2011 as a whole and the good the bad and the plain old wierd!


Now 2011 was a pretty awesome year for big bands reuniting and touring! It also contained some epic fails!

The XFactor Live Tour 2011 was one of them! infact the biggest epic fail! (My ticket was free thank goodness!)
Now we all know who Wagner is and when he ends being the main star of the live touring show there is problems! Matt Cardle was brilliant vocally but everything seemed like very flat irnbru (looks like it will be ace but lets you down)
Think the XFactor journey should end now, been going to many years, give us a break!
And lets not forget this is the programe that has forced us to have One Dimention (or is it Direction?) In our lives. The Wanted I can just about take but One Direction? urgh no! Poor lads being pawns in music business.

There was so many awesome tours as well in 2011!
Most people would say Take That Progress would tick all the boxes. But as it didn't achieve 5 stars with me it falls short.

The best Tour I think was the Script - the first time they had played arenas in the UK and the show was still just as intimate as when the play to a few thousand in academy's and halls.
And of course their music is just brilliant!

Tours you would of not wanted to miss:
Boyzone - well as I'm a self confessed Boyzone nut of course I would say this but it was the first tour since Steo had passed away and very emotional whether you were a fan or not.
Westlife - Great stage set, the best one in a good 6 or so years, great song choice and a rock medley at long last!
Take That - It was the tour everyone couldn't stop talking about!
JLS - great night out!

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