Saturday, 18 June 2011

Take That - Progress Live - 4/5 stars

TAKE THAT - Progress Live
Manchester Saturday 4th June 2011

Now I'm not the biggest Take That fan by a long show, I was disappointed with their reunion arena tour and was very dubious to go see them again, but as Robbie was back I had to go see this tour!

The warm up act was The Pet Shop Boys and I was very pleasantly surprised at how good they were! They blasted out loads of hit songs and the crowd (an awful lot of straight men!) belted the songs back at them.
The dancers stole the show tho with their costumes and acrobatics on stage.

Take That come on as their now famous 4piece,  they made use of their walkway and bstage alot during this time which for us being near to the main stage and surrounded by people over 6 foot (we are all 5 foot 8 so normally the tallest at concerts) - meant we missed ALOT of the show in general.
There was a Alice in Wonderland theme for Shine and a giant catepillar which was great but was all over way to soon and my personal view didnt make the most of the effort that went into the costumes for that tiny section.
Robbie came on and did his own 5 song solo set, and really got the crowd bouncing! Let me entertain you, rock DJ, Come Undone, Feel, and Angels
Robbie didnt disapoint, full of energy and his old charm.

Off he went and the dancers took over the stage, they were incredible! Until you see what they did on that stage you cant really understand it. complete with ariel displays, absailing, climbing and a waterfall, Take that came out as their 5 piece to The Flood.

A later section of Piano and microphones got the crowd excitied as they teased us all with hints of old songs and a verse/chorus of the most popular original hits such as Babe and A million love songs.

The breath taking MR OM broke down however towards the end, which had us very amused shouting for Mark to Jump for it!

Overall a very good show, some parts disapointingly short but definatly value for money.
4/5 stars

Some of my photos: (all will be available to Purchase in July so watch out for a link!)

Pet shop boys:

Take that:


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