Saturday, 21 May 2011

I wanna go WIIIIIIII

Well! the last few days have been eventful..ish!

Firstly, wonderland announced signing dates in June - whey hey! Birmingham is 8th June at 1pm so was all excited, was gonna go with Natalie and see Bonnie as its the day before her bday,(not that I'm allowed to mention the B word to her) and NOPE cos we have no sodding staff at work! I mean I wouldn't mind if it was for a half decent reason not cos of sheer incompetence at hiring and keeping staff!
So as its a Weds its busy with condensing specials etc so we need 5 of us in, Which due to a certain idiot face of a assistant manager being off I cant get it off! 
So that's ruined my only chance to meet someone other than Jodi in the band!

Swear if i Don't get the time i want off on 9-11th June I will go insane!

Plus side today I brought a black Wii *jigs about* its all setup now, and the cycling on sports resort nearly killed my arms but its sooooooooo addictive!

Now i was meant to start my book reviews er,...Yesterday! But I've not, so I've now got two to type up! - I am aiming at Monday for those as I'm off, but as I'm going to see Lynda to go and watch/meet Frank Turner in Rise and then get some Dinner out I may get distracted...especially as I've got a new toy ha ha!

Oh well its almost 9pm so my shower and bedtime as got work at 8am tomorrow *Le sigh*

Au Revoiur Mon Cheri

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