Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Welcome to myself and to you!

Welcome, well Ive been inspired by the wonderful Hayley to start (well more like re-attempt) a Blog, now with her being a up and comming Journarlist her literary skills are above and beyond mind, however I can also talk for England (and Scotland) so I may as well give it a good shot! (btw Check out Hayleys Blog HERE)

Attempting to use this as a update for my Family Tree, and also to give book reviews, as I currently have alot of books to read and no one to tell them about!

But I guess as time goes you will see what this is all about, so should I introduce myself? Well be rude not to!

Anyway im Rachel, Live in Cheltenham and am 27, (28 In August so dont forget my card!), Work as a store deputy in a successful supermarket, im Not allowed to say their name on public forums due to a clause in my contract, but lets say its German and not Lidl!
Living at Home (after 4years away up north in Wigan I missed my mum to much to stay anylonger)  Been back 4 years nearly now, and its good!

For now; tata! Ive a book to finish :)

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